WC Painting & Associates LLC offers a wide range of painting services in and around the Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas areas. If you are in need of interior, exterior, residential and commercial painting please contact us.

Thank you for considering WC Painting & Associates LLC!

As the founder and president of WC Painting & Associates LLC, I personally value every single client. I hope that learning about who we are and why we are different will help provide insight into the reason we exist today.

WC Painting & Associates LLC was established in 2009 after determining the lack of overall professionalism and communication in the painting/construction industry. WC Painting & Associates LLC delivers affordable, transparent services that are timely to its clients. Customer service is proudly the main contributor of our growth and success.

Our Mission is to deliver organized, detailed, affordable, and timely services to the Mid West Residential and Commercial interior and exterior painting industry’s.

Our Promise is that “you will understand the costs of our services related to your scope of work and will have peace of mind knowing that what you expect will be your finished product”  Every member of the WC Painting & Associates LLC team with whom you come in contact with will treat you with respect, honesty and dedication.”

We recruit and retain only the highest caliber of team members—people I personally welcome in my own home. We search for and employ people who are not only excellent at what they do, but have a true passion for service and taking care of our clients. We are proud of our team and excited for them to meet you, work for you, and serve you with excellence. Many of our team members started with WC Painting & Associates LLC at our inception and have worked their way up and been promoted through the ranks of the company.

Our company goal is to continue to grow, thrive and serve in the Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas and entire Mid West community. We aspire to keep WC Painting and Associates LLC a family fun business for many years to come and to continue to be one of the most customer centric painting companies around.

Again, thank you for considering our company. We respect your hard-earned money and take great care of the customers that choose to engage with us.

Thank you,
Gabe Wiechman